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The New Evangelization needs You! Join us for this important conversation. 

It's time for mission driven reform.

- how to evangelize through all kinds of uncertainty

- the single most important skill we need to develop as Catholics RIGHT now

- how to not lose hope in the face of despair 

- how to ensure your parish stays relevant even if you can't operate normally

Meet the speakers:

George Weigel

Living Out Evangelical Catholicism 

in the Church Today

Marcel LeJeune

In Good Times and Bad, Till Death Do We Part

Michele Thompson

Genesis Mission

Fr. Jon Bielawski

Genesis Mission

Dr. Mary Healy

Embracing the Spirit of the Early Church Today

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Meet your hosts:

Michael Dopp

The New Evangelization is Michael's life work.  A graduate  of St. Augustine's at the University of Toronto (MDiv) and Sacred Heart Major Seminary (STL with a concentration on the new evangelization), Michael brings a sharpened lens to the needs of the modern day missionary. He is the founder of Mission of the Redeemer Ministries and the New Evangelization Summit. Michael lives in Ottawa with his wife Linda and their 3 young children. 

Josh Canning

For 7 years Josh worked in campus ministry. at two of the largest campuses in Canada- York University and then at the Newman Centre, University of Toronto. It was his time in campus ministry that confirmed his passion to work in evangelization and help more people come to an encounter and realization of Jesus' awesome, saving love. Husband to Lisa and father to 8 children, Josh is the former National Catholic Church Coordinator for Alpha Canada, and is founder and blogger at CanadianCatholic.net.

Lisa Canning

Lisa is a speaker, coach, and author of The Possibility Mom: How to be a Great Mom at the Same Time. Deeply passionate about the role of lay people in the church, Lisa has been navigating what it means to be a Catholic in the secular world for much of her adult life.  If Lisa lives to be 90, she hopes she is still running an Alpha program at her local church next to her husband, children and grandchildren.

In this FREE summit you will learn:

  • Why now is not a time for retreat
  • What opportunities are before us in this unique time
  • How every Catholic can respond to this crisis
  • Why sharing your faith with the world matters

We do not need to retreat. We can move forward in mission.

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