Why you really need to know your testimony

Why you really need to know your testimony

A story is powerful. Your story can change someone else’s life.

We recently sat down with our friend Andre Regnier, cofounder of Catholic Christian Outreach, to talk about why personal testimonies are so important, and how we can cultivate opportunities to share the story of what Christ has done in your life with others.

In this video you will learn:
1:06– how your testimony helps the Church
5:06– the kinds of environments to share your testimony in
9:08– why your testimony is extraordinary

Sharing your testimony consists of 4 essential elements:

1. The back story

So you made a decision at one point to turn away from a life driven by self-interest and follow Jesus with sincere faith and trust. What was going on before that decision? What was your life focused on? Why? Looking back, how/when did you realize that this was not completely satisfying?

2. The turning point

There was a moment when you realized more profoundly Who God is, and that God was inviting you to really accept His love. What was that moment (or situation)? How did you realize it? How did you feel? How did you respond?

3. The after effect

What was different about your life after you made your decision? What changed? How is life better now than it was before? In other words, why should someone else want to make this decision?

4. The invitation

Can you invite the hearer to experience what you are describing? Tell them how they can respond in a way similar to how you responded. Invite them to invite God into their life. This makes your story transferable!

To help you further, we have created a free fill-in-the-blank worksheet to help you draw out your testimony. The aim of this worksheet is to help you articulate what God has done in your life in a clear and concise way.

We hope you can use this tool to share your testimony with others TODAY!

You can download the worksheet below!!!!