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Expert Interviews

June Expert Interview: What All Priests Need to Know About Evangelization with His Eminence Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada

February Expert Interview: Raising Kids Who Stay Close to the Faith with Angèle Regnier

January Expert Interview: Unlocking Your Parish and Making Disciples with Ron Huntley


November Expert Interview: Why Friendship Matters with Jackie Lavery

October Expert Interview: Finding Joy with George Weigel


September Expert Interview: Perseverance with Patrick Madrid


August Expert Interview: Scandal in the Church- How Do We Respond?

In this video, Josh and Marcel LeJeune of discuss the challenges the Church faces today with the recent abuse scandals, and how we can respond. In this video you will learn:

4:28- who is leading the charge

5:00- the only response to this scandal that is going to get any kind of traction

10:48- why we should not wait

16:50- what our job is


July Expert Interview: Reliance on the Holy Spirit and Prayer with Sister Ann Shields

June Expert Interview: Family, Investment in Others, and Boldness with Curtis Martin

May Expert Interview: Evangelization: Just Do It! With Christy Dupuis

April Expert Interview: How to Be an Unstoppable Evangelist with Father Mark Goring

March Expert Interview: Building Holy Habits with Msgr Greg Smith

In this expert interview, Msgr Greg Smith from Vancouver, Canada shares essential principles for develop healthy spiritual habits. As evangelists, we cannot share what we do not have. Therefore it’s so important to invest in our prayer life. In this video, you will learn:

1:44: where to begin in creating a Plan of Life

2:29: why we should pray as we can, not as we can’t

3:58: why God blesses regularity

8:12: why prayer must matter to the evangelist

February Expert Interview: Father Simon Lobo 

In this video, Father Simon Lobo, Pastor at St. Benedict’s Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia, shares his unique experiences on maintenance, mission & why the Holy Spirit is the agent of evangelization. In this video you will learn:

11:12- why maintenance cannot be the main focus

12:28- what the main thing should be

20:03- The St. Benedict’s Game Plan

24:08- why we cannot just run programs in our parishes

27:58- can all churches experience renewal or is St. Benedict’s just “special”?

Learn more about Father Simon Lobo here, and pick up a copy of his new book here.

January Expert Interview: 5 Essential Steps tp Transform a Parish with Tim Glemkowski

Tim Glemkowski, of L’Alto Catholic Institute shares with us his process for helping parishes build a culture of missionary discipleship. A lot of parishes want to be more effective at forming disciples, but most do not know where to begin.

In this video, you will learn:

6:39- The 5 steps every parish should take to transform to a culture of mission

12:46- The #1 communication tool a parish has

14:07- Why every parish needs a discipleship pathway

28:08– What evangelization is REALLY about

Connect with Tim on Twitter @tglemkowski and on his Catholic speaker website

October Expert Interview: Why Every Preist Needs a Basketball Team with Kyle Neilson

Kyle Neilson, of Evangelium Consulting, shares with us his passion for organizational health, evangelization, and why teamwork is essential for churches to thrive.

In this video, you will learn:

3:39- what is organizational health?

4:55- the most common problem facing church leaders today

6:50- why every priest needs a basketball team

10:30- the key issue that our seminaries are failing to address

September Expert Interview: Why Invitation Matters with Michael Harvey

August Expert Interview: The Importance of Leadership with Brett Powell

In this interview with Brett Powell of, you will learn:

6:48: the role of the leader and its critical role in the Church

12:40: how to lead when you are not the “leader”

17:51: the importance of empowering others

20:25: why lay people are ESSENTIAL to changing culture

July Expert Interview: How to evangelize using the transcendentals with Patrick Sullivan 

In this interview with Patrick Sullivan of, you will learn:

14:03: why playing detective is essential to evangelization

16:52: how to ensure your evangelization efforts don’t fall on deaf ears

18:55: the importance of “dropping things” in the presence of people

20:08: how our churches can speak the unique languages of the transcendentals

23:43: the WRONG way to use the transcendentals

25:36: what to do when you are discouraged, especially when evangelizing family members


June Expert Interview- Peter Herbeck

Peter Herbeck, vice president and director of missions for Renewal Ministries, shares with us his wisdom and practical strategies from over 20 years of work in evangelization.

In this video you will learn:

3:15: what Peter wishes everyone knew about evangelization

4:30: why tools on their own are not enough

6:30: the ONE thing you should do to get better as an evangelist

12:27: why every parish should take risks

16:22: what Peter wishes every pastor knew about evangelization

May Expert Interview- Why vulnerability is important to evangelization with Sister Miriam James Heidland

In this expert interview, Sr. Miriam James Heidland shares her thoughts with us on why vulnerability is important in evangelization, and how you can discern what to include in your personal testimony that can help others.

April Coaching Video- Why the Church Needs an Entrepreneurial Mindset

This month, Josh interviews his wife Lisa Canning on why an entrepreneurial mindset can help the mission of the Church. Lisa is an interior designer, soon to be published author, and mother of six. She shares her experience of proclaiming the Gospel in a secular workplace and how she came to understand her call as a missionary, professional, lay woman.



March Expert interview- Marcel LeJeune



February Expert interview- Joe Zambon

Joe Zambon, singer / songwriter and campus minister sat down with us to chat evangelization through music, and in the context of a busy urban campus. In this video you will learn:

3:09- why evangelization begins with listening

9:30- Joe’s favourite tool for evangelization

20:56- how Jesus with the Samaritan woman gives a great model for evangelization



January Expert interview- Andre Regnier

Andre Regnier, co-founder of CCO, shares with us why it is so important to share your testimony. 

In this video you will learn:

2:02- why it’s important to share the Gospel AND your testimony

10:45- the first question to ask yourself in constructing your testimony

20:55- where to share your testimony

27:27- why YOUR testimony is needed so badly TODAY


December Expert Interview- Clayton Imoo

Josh Canning interviews Clayton Imoo, who has been working in the Diocese of Vancouver, Canada for 15 years in the area of youth and young adult ministry. Clay also has a popular YouTube channel where he talks about his favourite hockey team, The Vancouver Canucks. Clay shares his thoughts on living authentically both online and off in this UE Expert Interview.

Learn more about Clay at: Follow him on Twitter: @canuckclay @claytonimoo 


November Expert Interview- Ron Huntley

In this video, Josh interviews Ron Huntley, Leadership Coach for parish staff at St. Benedict’s Parish in Halifax, NS, i.e. the “Divine Renovation” Parish.  In this video Josh and Ron discuss why it is important for parishes to have a big picture, how to build up lay leaders in the parish & what to do to help your pastor realize a vision for the parish.

For more on Ron, check out the St. Benedict’s staff website, and follow him on Twitter @ron_huntley.


October Expert Interview- Dane Sanders

In this video, Josh interviews Dane Sandersleadership expert and Alpha USA staff member. If you’re looking to build new habits, or break old ones, Dane shares strategies and language you can use to make new habits stick.

Learn more about Dane and his Fastermind platform here, and follow him on Twitter @danesanders


Bonus Interview- Sherry Weddell

Bonus Interview- Christopher West