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Coaching Videos

January Coaching Video: Why Risk Is Worth It

November Coaching Video: How To Use Visualization to Assist in Having Challenging Conversations Over the Holidays

October Coaching Video: How To Host a New Parishoner Welcome Event

September Coaching Video: Why Conversations Matter and 3 Tips to Become a Better Conversationalist

August Coaching Video: How to Make Daily Mass Part of Your Regular Schedule

July Coaching Video: Developing Consistent Prayer Habits by Talking to Your Reptilian Brain

June Coaching Call: Highlights from The Divine Renovation Conference 2018

May Coaching Call: When did you have your “wake up”?

Lisa shares when she had her “wake up” moment to the need to evangelize- when did you have yours? When did evangelization become something you knew YOU needed to do personally?

April Coaching Call: How to Make and Keep Prayer a Priority

Prayer is an essential behaviour in the life of the evangelist- but how do we actually keep it a priority amongst so many competing demands?

March Coaching Call: How to Share What God Has Done in Your Life this Easter

You don’t need a Masters Degree, or lofty pedigree, to share what God has done in your life. You just need awareness of people around you, some courage, and the Holy Spirit.

February Coaching Call: What to do when your church looks inward (and you want to look outward) 

In this video, Lisa talks about what it feels like when you are desperate to look outward, but your church might be more focused on looking inward. Lisa offers practical suggestions on what to do with this tension, and things you can do TODAY to make impact.

January Coaching Call: Why Holiness is the most Crucial Step in the Work of Evangelization 

Planning is amazing, helpful and strategic. But doing any work, without involving God and His will in our lives can produce opposite results. Lisa shares why the pursuit of holiness really is the first and most crucial step in any work of evangelization.

December Coaching Video: How to create SMART goals for your parish

Join Lisa in a discussion on how to create specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely goals for your community!

November Coaching Video: Personal Assessment Time

Join Lisa in a personal reflection on how you are doing in your journey of becoming a more confident evangelist. We cannot grow what we do not measure- so take a moment to watch this video and personally assess where you are at.

October Coaching Video- 6 High Performance Habits

Based on the principles in professional coach Brendon Burchard’s new book High Performance Habits, Lisa takes you through how these can be applied in our work of evangelization.

September Coaching Video- How to be more Charitable at Church

There are many ways we can practice the virtue of charity and be more welcoming, and invitational, in our churches.

August Coaching Video- How to use Facebook to advertise your next church event

Learn how to create a page, event and ad for your next evangelization event.

July Coaching Video: How to identify the transcendentals of others 

June Coaching Video- How to start and run a small group

A small group is a great place to begin a parish evangelization strategy. Learn the essential steps to make it a success in this video with Lisa Canning.

May Coaching Video- How to get the most out of a conference

In this video Lisa Canning walks you through how to get the most out of a conference, and her favourite app for note-taking.


April Coaching Video- How to stop negative self talk and start evangelizing

In this video Lisa Canning walks you through how to re-write the stories we tell our self that keep us from evangelizing.



March Coaching Video- How to Make Easter an Evangelization Opportunity in 5 Steps

In this video Lisa Canning walks you through 5 steps to make this Easter, 2017, an evangelization opportunity! It’s not too late to think about how to use this Easter strategically!

In this video you’ll learn:

1:45- The best kind of a tool to use

2:40- The ideal timing to start something

3:43- Unique ways to promote your opportunity


February Coaching Video- 5 Ways to Evangelize in Everyday Settings

Whether it is in a taxi, out in the schoolyard, or dining at a restaurant, evangelization can happen! Lisa offers 5 ways to evangelize in the everyday- with practical, actionable tips to invite discussions around faith.


January Coaching Video- How to Create A Plan of Life

In this video, Lisa shares practical tips on how to create a plan of life.

1:05- Step 1: Watch Module 2: Holiness in the Evangelist Basecamp

6:15- Step 2: Print off the worksheet for Module 2, Lesson 4. Fill it out, see examples in the worksheet for inspiration!

6:35- Step 3: Identify key prayer elements to include, like the rosary, mental prayer, scripture reading, etc.

7:19- Step 4: Identify the habits that will make your plan stick. Print off this worksheet for help on changing habits.

7:49- Step 5: Create accountability with a partner, with alarms on your phone, and post your plan in the private Facebook group!


December coaching video- How to Evangelize Around Christmas


November coaching video- How to Overcome Resistance


October coaching video- How to Kick Bad Habits For Good