Change is possible... involves you & me

Join a community of committed missionary disciples who want to change the world.

The New Evangelization isn't rocket science - but it does require a plan. Are you READY to turn your great ideas into REAL action?

"Michael and Josh are contemporary leaders in the New Evangelization. They understand the culture and how to engage within that culture, in order to bring the clear and transformative message of the Gospel to a world in great need of it. What makes them so effective is their commitment to go beyond talking of the need, but to actually embrace the practical “how to” of evangelizing. It would be of great help to any Catholic who is wanting to evangelize to pay attention to what they have to say."

 - Andre Regnier - Founder, Catholic Christian Outreach

The New Evangelization Is Here and It Requires You and Me.

UEvangelize was born out of a desire to provide the committed missionary disciple with a community and a plan to help them change the world.   We are here to share with you the tools, strategies and support necessary to successfully share your Faith with the world...

With U Evangelize, you can expect the following:


You will journey alongside other committed missionary disciples from around the world, united in the shared goal of sharing the Gospel.  Surrounded by a supportive community, you will be able to gather courage and inspiration to confidently move forward in sharing your Faith.


Sharing your faith in this world can be a challenging thing....  With the U Evangelize community and leadership, you will finally learn how to confidently share the Gospel in the modern world, using modern methods, and feel confident in your identity as a missionary disciple. 


Our lives have all been transformed through our authentic relationship with our Lord.  Imagine the lives you will be able to impact if you could share the Gospel powerfully.  With U Evangelize, you will learn how to change lives and bring others the true joy and fulfillment that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.